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Profollica what is it?

Profollica is an advanced solution for combating hair loss. Scientific studies have revealed that male pattern baldness is often triggered by hypersensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a powerful form of testosterone. In individuals with a genetic predisposition to baldness, DHT leads to the miniaturization of hair follicles, resulting in thinning and eventual hair loss. Profollica effectively addresses this issue by slowing down and reversing the process. The treatment has received positive feedback from 90% of men who have undergone the course.


Product name Profollica
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The unique composition of Profollica is carefully formulated to counteract the effects of dihydrotestosterone on hair follicles and halt hair loss. It contains a rich blend of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids. The Profollica Activator Gel, enriched with the patented Trichogen substance, nourishes the hair and scalp, eliminating dandruff, regulating sebum production, and alleviating itching. The formulation includes:

  • Niacin: Enhances scalp blood circulation, promotes healthy hair growth, and reduces breakage.
  • Vitamin B12: Vital for the proper functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems, improving oxygen supply to hair follicles.
  • Biotin: Supports cell reproduction, aids in fatty acid production, and protects against dandruff.
  • Arginine: Boosts nitric oxide levels in the scalp, enhancing the delivery of nutrients to hair follicles.
  • Niacinamide: Stimulates hair growth and inhibits dihydrotestosterone.
Profollica also features extracts of ginseng root, nettle leaves, clary sage, cinnamon, ginkgo, hydrolyzed soy protein, African Kigelia fruit extract, calcium pantothenate, and other beneficial components.

Instruction: how to use?Profollica is a comprehensive two-stage system designed to combat androgenic alopecia. The recommended usage is as follows:
  • Take the daily supplement for a minimum of 60 days. Its potent ingredients prevent DHT from affecting the hair follicles.
  • Massage the activating gel onto a damp scalp after washing.
Stabilizing DHT levels in the body typically requires at least a month, so initial visible results can be expected around this time. To fully experience the transformative effects of the treatment, it is recommended to complete the full 60-day course.
How does it work?The 60-day Profollica program works on multiple fronts:
  • Stimulates blood circulation and nourishment of follicles, promoting the growth of dormant hair follicles.
  • Provides vital vitamins to support healthy hair.
  • Prevents graying and aids in restoring natural hair color.
  • Relieves scalp itching and flaking.
  • Inhibits the conversion of 5-alpha reductase to dihydrotestosterone.
  • Regulates sebum production on the scalp.
  • Improves hair condition, enhancing elasticity, shine, and eliminating brittleness.
Profollica ensures the revival of healthy and strong hair without hassle or long waiting periods.
Indications for useThe product is suitable for men of all ages experiencing hair loss. Profollica is also effective for women suffering from hair loss due to excessive testosterone activity (hormonal alopecia). Starting treatment for hair loss as early as possible yields the best results. Indications of hair loss include increased fragility, reduced lifespan of hair, excessive shedding, and noticeable thinning of the scalp.
ContraindicationsProfollica is formulated with natural ingredients and is generally safe, making it suitable for individuals with alopecia. However, if you have any chronic conditions or concerns about ingredient tolerance, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before starting the supplement.
Doctor's reviewI believe that this product deserves attention, primarily due to its exceptional formulation. It is carefully designed to minimize the presence of potent ingredients that may lead to unwanted side effects. The meticulous selection of components by the manufacturer's experts ensures a targeted and precise effect. While it's important to manage expectations, the supplement is certain to deliver positive results.

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