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Opticor what is it?

Opticor is a revolutionary medication that restores blood pressure to its normal levels from the very first use. What sets this drug apart is its remarkable long-term effectiveness.

British scientists from the esteemed National Center for Phlebology dedicated a staggering 8 years to the development of Opticor, a preventive supplement that has garnered global attention. In fact, this groundbreaking discovery was nominated for the prestigious International Prize of the Gairdner Foundation.

The efficacy of the drug was rigorously tested in multiple stages, resulting in its certification and the attainment of a license that attests to its exceptional quality. The clinical study of Opticor was meticulously conducted at the esteemed Brighton Polyclinic over the course of an entire month, with the participation of two groups of volunteers. The first group consisted of both men and women aged 28 to 80, while the second group received a placebo.

Following the conclusion of the study, the drug received official certification and was acclaimed as the best in its class.


Product name Opticor
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Opticor comprises a unique blend of natural ingredients, including sodium hyaluronate, poloxamer, and EDTA. It also features a sterile solution, along with the extracts of motherwort, hawthorn, flower cones, oregano, horsetail, and fortunella. This prophylactic formulation is available as a water-based solution.

Instruction: how to use?To experience its benefits, simply add 20 drops of Opticor to a glass of warm water. Alternatively, it can be combined with natural juices. The drug should be taken after each meal for a period of 90 days to achieve optimal results, restoring blood pressure and revitalizing the body.
How does it work?Opticor is an exceptional tool that not only addresses the root causes of various ailments but also minimizes the risk of strokes and heart attacks. With its prompt action, the drug normalizes blood pressure within a few hours after the initial dose, an unparalleled feat in the pharmaceutical world.

Furthermore, Opticor is invaluable for individuals seeking to restore blood vessel health with a single dose. It is a safe prophylactic suitable for all ages, exhibiting remarkable efficacy, particularly in the first, second, and third stages of hypertension.

Conditions that benefit from Opticor include:

  • Anxiety relief through the inclusion of motherwort
  • Enhanced heart function and vessel detoxification
  • Improved blood circulation and prevention of blood clot formation due to flower cone (hops) extract
  • Reduced blood sugar levels and prevention of diabetes
  • Promotion of weight loss and a healthy metabolism
Indications for useThere are several compelling reasons why Opticor should be your top choice:

  • Headache relief
  • Alleviation of tachycardia
  • Elimination of black dots before the eyes
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Calming effect on irritation
  • Reduction of facial edema
  • Alleviation of numbness in fingers
  • Control of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

If you experience even a single one of these symptoms, it is imperative to start taking the powerful and effective drug, Opticor. This solution not only benefits the body but also poses no risk of allergies.

ContraindicationsOpticor has no contraindications, except for individuals with specific allergies or intolerances to any of its components.
Doctor's reviewI hereby confirm the efficacy of Opticor as an invaluable tool in combating hypertension. The key ingredient of this drug is hawthorn, renowned for its remarkable antihypertensive properties. Opticor harnesses the power of hawthorn, offering a beneficial impact on the human body without any adverse effects. By diligently adhering to the prescribed daily dosage, remarkable outcomes can be achieved, normalizing blood pressure levels.

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