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Exodermin what is it?

Exodermin is a natural remedy with remarkable properties that effectively and safely eliminate foot and nail fungus without complications. This cream is meticulously manufactured to meet stringent effectiveness and health safety standards. It is capable of eradicating fungal infections, regardless of their severity, root causes, or duration. Importantly, Exodermin is non-addictive and has undergone rigorous preliminary studies that have established its therapeutic efficacy and safety.


Product name Exodermin
Official site www.Exodermin.com
Price Exodermin 39$
Country United Kingdom, USA, India, Philippines, Africa
Storage conditions Keep it away from children
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Composition All-natural
Reviews Mostly positive


Unlike its counterparts, this medication exclusively comprises organic ingredients, setting it apart as an innovative solution. Packed with vitamins, microelements, plant-based antiseptic compounds, and amino acids, Exodermin cream delivers the following benefits:

  • Suppresses the growth and reproduction of fungal microflora.
  • Eliminates redness and diaper rash on the affected tissues.
  • Strengthens nails by removing yellow patches.
  • Cleans the affected area, removing crusts.
  • Heals the epithelium.
  • Prevents unpleasant foot odor.

This remedy replaces the need for pharmacy medicines, sparing you from the use of antibiotics, non-steroidal, or hormonal ointments. Satisfied customers who have undergone treatment with this cream consistently leave positive reviews about its quality.

Instruction: how to use?

Before using Exodermin, it is essential to carefully read the provided instructions. Apply the cream exclusively to clean, dry skin in the affected area. Additionally, ensure the interdigital areas and nails are treated. Gently massage the cream into the skin until fully absorbed, without rinsing. Apply the cream twice daily, in the morning and evening, maintaining the same time interval. The recommended duration of therapy is one month, and noticeable improvement in skin and nail condition can be observed within just one week of treatment.

How does it work?

Exodermin effectively softens tissues, prevents dryness and flaking, and inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogenic fungal microflora. It relieves pain, itching, and redness while nourishing the tissues with essential components necessary for complete cell renewal. Moreover, this product prevents the transition from acute inflammation to a chronic state, promotes epithelial healing, and strengthens nails.

Indications for use

Exodermin is specifically formulated to combat fungal infections of the feet and nails, providing a convenient solution for home use. It is suitable for both men and women, including the elderly. This versatile cream effectively eliminates primary and secondary infectious and inflammatory processes. Gerontological practitioners can also employ it for the treatment of elderly patients. Exodermin is designed to serve as an alternative to standard pharmaceutical products when they fail to produce results or are contraindicated.


The primary contraindication for using Exodermin cream is intolerance to its active ingredients. It should not be used during pregnancy or lactation, as the impact of the product's components on infants after breastfeeding or placental saturation is unknown. The cream is not intended for pediatric use in children and adolescents to treat fungal infections. Moreover, it should not be used in the presence of severe inflammatory, autoimmune, or tumor processes in the body. Exodermin is not recommended for postoperative recovery.

Doctor's reviewI frequently recommend Exodermin due to its exceptional blend of effectiveness and hypoallergenic properties. This product possesses antifungal, moisturizing, corrective, antiseptic, regenerative, and nourishing qualities. The cream swiftly restores the skin and nails to their optimal condition within a single treatment course, typically lasting no longer than one month. It is an ideal choice for convenient home therapy.

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